Common Questions

Q.  How is the Forest Community Clinic funded?

A. This clinic is a mission of Forest Baptist Church, and has been funded entirely by donations.  We work together with churches from around the community using Volunteer staff, and we have been graciously supported through prayer and financial support from organizations and churches all around the community. 


Q.  Can I make a contribution to Forest Community Clinic?

A.  Of course we use every dime that is given to enhance the services we offer, ALL of the money given is put back into the ministry of Forest Community Clinic through supplies, pharmacuticals, and resources.  We will have from time to time special needs and we appreciate any money given to those as well.  You can make contributions to Forest Community Clinic PO Box 461 Chandler, OK 74834, and Thanks for furthuring God's Kingdom through YOUR Generosity.


Q.  Will the Pharmacy be able to fill ALL my prescriptions?

A.  We will try to keep enough Medications to be able to fill everything however; due to our limited space and depending on the funds available we may not be able to keep everything.  Our Pharmacy will have NO NARCOTICS ever!! We will try to keep the most commonly used medications though.  We also require that you see our Doctor in order for our Pharmacy to fill ALL/ ANY script, this eliminates the possibility of false prescriptions being given, and covers you and us from possible drug interactions with other medications.


Q.  Do I need an Appointment?

A.  We prefer that you call the clinic (918-866-2297) and get an appointment set up, this will eliminate the possibility of the schedule being FULL.  If you walk-in and the schedule is full we will have to ask you to return at our next session, if we have room for someone or if an appointment does not show up we will work you in but you may have to sit for awhile.  Your best bet is to make an Appointment.


Q. What are your hours?

A. We are open the 1st, 3rd, and 4th Tuesday evenings from 6-8pm and the 2nd fron 6-9pm (Dr. this evening) but again please call to make an appointment.



  September 2018  
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