Thank God for his provision

We started a building project as a church, and if you have ever been through that process you will understand this story.  The process thinned the flock and we were beginning to wonder what exactly we were going to do.  God and His awesome provision sent us the people we needed.  We had men step up to frame the walls, insulate, and do the wiring.  Thank God for these men and their help and dedication to our church.  I stand amazed at the awesome job they did.  We had the Campers On Mission men from all over the state come and hang the sheet rock.  Their wives made over a thousand doo rags which we handed out at Sparks and Sturgis.  My wife jokingly said "Our men are to old they don't need to be hanging sheet rock."  The Campers On Mission guys worked circles around us, and they were all a little older than us.  They are truly a gift from God.  The building is still not completely finished, but man it sure looks nice. 

Thank You Jesus

  September 2018  
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